Training & Education

We offer a variety of programming tailored for your needs and time constraints.

Executive Overviews

Results Focused Management ™ 101

This course provides details about each element of the Results Focused Management™ approach: Leadership, Results, Voice of the Business, Voice of the Customer, Process, People, and Metrics.

  • Half-Day Focus Options:
    • The Financial Side of RFM™
      Ever wonder why your customer satisfaction scores are good but your stock price or budget performance is terrible? This module shows the relationship between customer, business, process measures, and financial results.
    • Becoming an RFM™ Leader
      In today’s culture, with a workforce spanning five generations, global pressures, and the demand for innovation, exerting leadership is challenging as never before. Learn what is necessary to become a savvy, performance- and results-driven leader who can motivate people and change the culture of the organization.

Creating the RFM™ Enterprise (2.5 days)

It’s one thing to implement a new technique in a particular department, but how do you effect change across an entire enterprise? This course provides you with the techniques and practical dos and don’ts necessary to create a high-performing organization.

  • Half-Day Focus Options:
    • RFM™ Pay and Reward Systems
      Measurement drives behavior. It makes sense to change your measurement and reward systems to align with new ways of working. This session will provide examples of how to break down silos and drive results through pay and incentive programs.
    • Total Enterprise Engagement
      Change management is dead. If no one can figure out how to implement change, then what is there to manage? Besides, what is inspiring about change? Learn how to engage and inspire your entire organization toward growth and transformational change.

Designing Work for Results (3.5 days)

Tradition is great around the holidays – it can bring families together. Unfortunately, it can tear an organization apart. “The way we’ve always done it” is no longer an option. Learn how to specifically design your work to meet results and drive desired behaviors and outcomes.

Results Focused Management™ Immersion (on-site course only)

This two-day, highly interactive course provides the team with immersion into RFM techniques, using customized material so the team instantly begins to learn, connect, and apply the methods.

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